The Wiafe Richard led SRC administration organized an incredible edition of the Akwaaba week from 10th to 13th March which was characterized by the following educational, entertainment, sports and recreational activities.

The Akwaaba week began by the Akwaaba week launch and the Akwaaba summit on the 10th March 2021.

The Akwaaba week was duly launched at the onset of the Akwaaba summit on the 10th March. The SRC AKWAABA SUMMIT was graced by some blockbuster personalities who did a great deal of impartation of knowledge and experiences to the good students of UENR. On the theme ‘Inculcating A Culture Of Excellence For University Life & Beyond’, our cherished guests did us justice. The welcome address was articulately delivered by the SRC President H.E Wiafe Richard. The importance of money management, savings, investment, initiative taking and critical life experiences shared by our guests, kept the UENR audience intrigued and inspired. “Excellence is not an act, it is a habit.” Was among key takeaways from the summit.  Students were presented an opportunity to ask the guests intelligent questions, to which the guests gave excellent answers that bolstered students understanding of the strive for excellence beyond school, importance of working passionately and the key skill of adaptability.

Later that  evening, a jama  night was organised  which the majority of the student s participated in to entertain themselves  and ended with a  candle night procession tfor the students lost along the way.


As part of the celebration of the Akwaaba Week, students represented their high schools on Thursday, 11th March 2021. Clad in various high school regalia in a thrilling atmosphere, almost all second-cycle institutions in the sixteen regions of Ghana had a representation. Of course, those with the numbers dominated the activity- the Amanfuos, Akatakyies, Mmranties, Adehyies and Hunters of the Ashanti Region, Giants, Saints and Immaculates of the Oil-city, APSUnians, Santaclausians and MOBAs of Cape Coast, Odadies and Bleoobis of the capital city and other renowned high schools in Ghana’s north and middle-belt areas. In a charged “jama” environment, participants boasted of their respective schools’ achievements and history signifying how they cherish them as Alma Mata.

The memorable activity was followed with a reality show; Love Craft later in the evening.


The Love Craft event took place at the basketball court of the Getfund Hostel in the late hours of the day. The quest to find love involved six beautiful young ladies and four hot and charming gentlemen. Amidst this sensational and fascinating event the gentlemen engaged in interesting activities to win the hearts of the lady they desired. Some of this activities are singing, dancing and other captivating  gestures with the intention of getting the attention of these Ladies.



The remarkable Love Craft was the first of its kind and it made history. Bigups to Pluz Media, UENR Filla, Morgan B entertainment and the entire student populace for making the event indelible and extravagant.



On Friday 12th March, was a rep your Jersey day. Every student had the opportunity to rep their various teams from Chelsea to  Manchester City and to united, Arsenal and all other teams which later on in the day, a fresher’s game was organised on the school field where various formed teams played against each other in a friendly match.


In the evening, a basketball night was held on the basketball court at the Get fund hostel where a friendly tournament was held between continuing students and the freshers where they battled for supremacy title.



Human bodies are designed for regular physical activities; as such, it is imperative that we subject ourselves to perpetual muscle activity as frequently as possible. Health-wise, workouts and exercises contribute massively to the burning of fats and calories which when at their acme may lead to a dysfunctional body system and other irreversible consequences. The Student Representative Council of the University of Energy and Natural Resources deemed it necessary to involve an aerobics session as part of the yearly Akwaaba week celebrations on the 12th of March. The event happened at the forecourt of the UENR Getfund hostel which featured a handsome number of the student populace, with much enthusiasm and the joy of getting their bodies to shape. The afternoon could not have been kept dull, as variety of indoor games were organized. These included; Fifa 2021 tournament, pool/snooker, table tennis and a wide range of other peculiar games. In the pursuance of academic excellence, all paradigms of students’ life must be balanced and remain Paramount. Indeed UENR is home. Later on, an Open Mic event was held .



The remedy to subliming stress and enhancing cognitive and problem solving skills of a student, has always being the intertwining of education with entertainment (I.e edutainment). It was therefore imperative, that the SRC, whose core mandate is to ensure the total wellbeing of students so as to ease the cumbersomeness from academic stress, organize extra curricular activities for the student community.



The most illustrious and anticipated week of a series of edutainment events successfully filled the hearts of many in the University society with an immense joy.  This week-long event which was initiated with the Akwaaba Summit that engaged students in a productive symposium and eventually enriched their lives in their various fields of interest. Succeeding the summit were other interesting events of diverse natures and with their core mandates parallel to each.


The Open mic being one of such events featured a number of talents which brought under the spotlight singers and dancers of all kinds. The night of immeasurable blissfulness saw the  crowd cheered towards sensational performances which kept the dancefloor busy until the event expired.

This session also served as a platform for the showcase of talents and unveiling of student artistes who are up and coming in the entertainment industries. Such an initiative by the SRC is a propeller to growth of artistes’ craft and an opportunity to raise these talents on pedestals to achieving their goals.




The Moberk administration has demonstrated proficiency in all paradigms of students’ life in the university and deserves commendation. Indeed, UENR is home.