Who is the SRC?

The SRC is a formidable and reliable council that gears towards the promotion and protection of students’ interest and welfare through a non-violence philosophy to emancipate students through dialogues. The council elevates the status of all students in the SRC governance and provides lasting solutions to critical challenges facing students in the areas of academics, health, sports, security, welfare and all sector of academia. The SRC promotes creativity, commitment and inclusivity of all students, and is responsive to the needs of the students. Any person enrolled in the university as a junior member in status papillary, is a member of the SRC.


The SRC is the mouth piece of the entire student body of the university.

The council gives advice on matters relating to the general welfare of students as well as responsible for the planning and coordinating of major social, cultural, recreational and intellectual activities of the students in the University.

The SRC co-operates with representative student bodies of other universities and institutions of higher learning locally and internationally on matters of mutual interest to foster peace and unity.

The council collaborates with the sports committee to promote games and sporting activities of the University.

The SRC foster the maintenance of the right academic atmosphere for students of the University to pursue their studies.

The SRC formulates rules and regulations which promote cordial relationships between students and or groups of students without discrimination on grounds of sex, religion, ethnicity, physical disabilities, or courses of study.

The SRC is responsible for the appointment of sub-committees and ad-havoc committees to probe and manage the affairs of the student population.

The council work towards the maintenance of good and healthy staff-student relations based on mutual trust and respect.

The SRC promotes cordial relations among all sections of the university and maintaining good relations with past students of the University.