The university of Energy and Natural Resources(UENR) was established by act 830 in December 31, 2011.
Before the Transition to the University of Energy and Natural Resources, UENR, the University was a Campus of KNUST as the Faculty of Forest Resources Technology, FFRT
The FFRT was therefore the main ruling system of student governance and was presided by Mr. Anthony Baidoo for the 2012/2013 academic year.
UENR admitted it’s first batch of students in the year 2012 hereinafter, the UENR SRC was established that same year.
During the 2013/2014 academic year, the SRC used to be a fusion of KNUST/UENR leadership owing to the presence of students from FFRT. In view of the aforementioned, a dual system of student governance was run where the President was from FFRT and the vice president nominated by the president was from UENR. The president was Mr. Ofei Dei Goodfellow (FFRT) and the vice president was Miss. Esinam Gloria Darko(UENR).
In the year 2014 an election was held and Miss Esinam Gloria Darko became the First UENR SRC (2014/2015 academic year) independent of the FFRT Student governance.
For the 2014/2015 academic year, the SRC executives solely comprised of UENR students due to the exit of the final and last batch of the KNUST/FFRT students from campus. The SRC constitution was drafted during this year and the UENR SRC became the supreme Student leadership body in UENR.
Elections were conducted yearly and elected executives assumed office yearly.
Also, the SRC logo was designed by Mr. Lewis Ofori Amankona SRC General Secretary, 2015/2016 and was officially adopted for use in November 2015.

Underlisted are the names of the elected executives from when UENR SRC became independent of the FFRT Student governance.